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Welcome to Transfiguration!
Welcome to transfiguration, Or Trans as I like to call it for short. My name is Prof. Vernon, and I will be teaching you. Those who know this subject will do well, and those who just pop in and out every so often will fail their O.W.L. Im not going to kid around, if you want to finish your O.W.L's, you better come to every class. And besides, it makes me happy your here!
Welcome to transfigurations Classes! This week we will be learning about Animagi.

Becoming an Animagus is extrememly hard, and to do so you must complete a series of tests, and register with the Ministry of Magic. There are some people who are not registered, and it is a wonder that they still have the mental capacity of a normal human, as trying this just on a whim to become an animal usually can result in that.

Also note, that transforming into an animal does not make you an Anamagi. An anamagi is a witch or wizard that can transform into an animal, and retain their knowledge of why they transformed into that animal, and what they were supposed to do.

When registering to become an animagi, the ministry keeps two things with them, to know if that animal is just an animal or an anamagi. Here are the two things.

The kind of animal the witch/wizard transforms into,
and the markings on it's skin/fur.

Also, an Anamagi can somewhat communicate with other animals, however if they have to be in their Anamil form we do not know. And as far as we know it can be preformed wandlessly.
5 pts per question------------------------------------

1. What are Anamagi?
2. When do you know when you have preformed this transfiguration properly?
3. What are requirements to become an anamagi?
4. What are two things that the ministry keeps in their records of anamagi?
5. What would be a useful thing to keep in their records along with those two?

Due to mym Website not being able to Update good, the Advanced lessons will be put on hold until they do update regularly.

Lesson Dates
August 19th

August 26th

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